Company Overview/Brochure - a one pager that provides an overview of PDC and what makes us different from our competitors

easyspeak marketing piece - this can be used to help explain PDC’s unique approach to client communications. No industry jargon or IRS code used by PDCers, we communicate in a simple and easy to understand manner.


Prospect Forms

Census - complete/submit this form to your PDC Consultant for plan design illustrations

Prospect Data Form - complete/submit this form to your PDC Consultant


Valuable Subject Matter Pieces

401k Compliance Calendar

Retirement Plans Limitations Chart

Primer On Retirement Plan Alternatives

Cash Balance Information

New Plan Top Heavy Warning

Why Use an Organized 401(k) Platform

Advantages of Unbundled vs. Bundled

Large Plans - Bundled vs. Unbundled


IRS Checklist for Simple, SEP and SARSEP