What Is the 401(k) Academy?

The 401(k) Academy is a multifaceted resource designed specifically to support Investment Professionals in their marketing and quality service of 401k Plans and other types of retirement plans.

The 401(k) Academy is (1) a Website (www.401kacademy.com), (2) Live Educational Events and a fun web series called Retireholiks (3) a group of 401(k) professionals and their companies ready to help you in your marketing & services efforts. There currently are no dues to belong to the 401(k) Academy.

The 401(k) Academy should be extremely helpful to you as a Investment Professional doing your best to help Employers in the ever changing and compliated world of qualified retirement plans.  The Website address is www.401kacademy.com. Contained within the Website you will find constantly updated descriptions of some of the best 401(k) products and ideas along with specific people who can support you in your support of your clients and prospects.  You will find numerous resources such as case illustrations, compensation illustrations, reference materials, various checksheets and proposal request forms.

In addition, you will find a Blog written by our CEO-President J.D. Carlson that delivers a unique perspective and valuable insights for Advisors and Industry Professionals focused on retirement plans. 

The 401(k) Academy is the sponsored primarily by Plan Design Consultants, Inc., a Third Party Administration (TPA) located in San Mateo, CA. with support from our major 401(k) recordkeeping partners. We can be reached at (650) 341-3322 or by email.